Emily Joy Zeller

(all of this is rocket science)


For the January 2022 Music for Your Inbox release, I created 130 unique 4"x6" pen plotter drawings to be mailed to subscribers. The drawings, executed by an Axidraw SE/A3 on Strathmore 400 smooth 3-ply bristol with Pigma Micron 005 pens, were coded in Processing. I was thinking about the concept of noise - as plotted sound, as variance in signal, as predictably unpredictable visual change. These pieces were created by adding Perlin noise to a sine & cosine circle, and then rotating and advancing the circle as the noise shifts the points in the line. The result is then rotated 180 degrees so that it is in conversation with itself, and visually references an audio signal with overlapping or negative space. Below are all 130.

Undulations debued alongside the audiovisual work of oscilloscope artist Eric Lennartson.

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